Artisan Organic
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Papa Vince Organic
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the valley of Belice, Papa Vince is proud to bring to you the best of Italy - our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Papa Vince Organic Olive Oil is the result of a watchful and fervent dedication to excellence: from farming, to harvesting, to bottling & to shipping into the USA. 

At Papa Vince, there is no intermediary. Our oil goes straight from the farm to your table!

Shop now and taste for yourself why our Organic Olive Oil is ranked among the top in world!

Papa Vince's Olive Orchard is Organic Farming Certified and all our facilities have received the European and USA Organic Certification. Our oil not only is 100% organic and 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil (no blending, no mixing, no flavor correction), it’s also made using one of the most renowned varieties in the world: Nocellara del Belice”. Papa Vince's USA is committed to selling top-notch extra virgin olive oil and educating this great nation, that they might benefit from the health properties of the true olive oil. 

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So, what does our olive oil it taste like? 
Quoting from the book “Olive Oil” by Quest Ritson: “ is pre-eminent both as a table olive and for its oil. The oil is aromatic with a distinctive taste. Some liken it to artichokes, green tomatoes or over-ripe fruit, but it is more complex than that and is truly the ripe, pungent taste of the olive itself”

Back in Italy, GrandPa used to say...“Old wine, New Oil” ...meaning that the best oil is the new oil. Because Papa Vince's oils are bottled immediately after harvesting, without filtration, they have a vibrant green color, rich in flavor and peppery finish the first 4 months after harvest.
Shop now for 2013 harvest and get a taste of this divine and super healthy extra virgin olive oil.  

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